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                        Welcome to CAT Consultancy Services Limited

                        We are an independent IT consultancy company providing project and programme management services to a wide range of clients to support strategic business and technology change.

                        We aim
                        to deliver successful outcomes and real business benefits to our clients.

                        For more information on our services please email us.

                        About us   Our services   Who we work for
                        Our History

                        CAT Consultancy Services Limited was formed in 1995 to provide professional IT services to our clients.  Our mission is to provide trustworthy, consistent and reliable services in partnership with our clients to support the realisation of their business objectives.

                        Our Approach

                        We aim to harness our skills and experience to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.  We build long-term relationships with our clients to deliver added value and real benefits over time.

                          Core Skills

                        Programme and Project Management

                        Business change and transformation

                        Technology integration following mergers and acquisitions

                        Business process change

                        Infrastructure consolidation

                        Application and systems development.


                        We have successfully managed and delivered projects and programmes for clients in the following sectors:

                        Retail Banking

                        Investment Banking

                        Credit Risk

                        Credit Cards

                        Life Assurance and Pensions

                        Energy Trading


                        ? Copyright 1995 - 2009 CAT Consultancy Services Limited.  All rights reserved.

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